Review: Matchstickmen – Different Paths

Posted on 21 December 2015
By Leigh D'arcy
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Matchstickmen return with their latest single different paths; influenced by an eclectic mix of artists including Lynard Skynard and Pearl Jam Matchstickmen again show they can’t be pinned to a specific genre.

I wouldn’t describe this song as a rock ballad but it is definitely the most melodic I’ve heard the band. And it doesn’t disappoint. Singer Lewis Wright’s voice is reminiscent of Eddie Vedder – rugged yet strangely soothing and different Paths is the perfect track to emphasis these unique vocals.

Different Paths tones down the Matchstickmen’s anthemic rock style to a sublime and emotive track.

Different Paths is out now through Holier Than Thou Records with their second album to follow in 2016.