Review: Matchstick Men’s latest single Imperfection

Posted on 21 September 2015
By Claire O'Neill
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New single ‘Imperfection’ by Liverpool band ‘Matchstick men’ is an accomplished rock offering beginning with a solo guitar melody reminiscent of an 80’s brat pack film theme.

When the drums take over, the track moves in a different direction and together with the addition of a strong lead vocal, the mood is set for the song the group have apparently dedicated to ‘children of divorce’ (

The chorus is powerful and makes an instant impact but the lead vocalist can sound like he is tripping over the words of lyrics like; “Till we erase the problem of your imperfection” which doesn’t quite fit with the phrase musically.

Matchstick men have no chink in their armour and the song effectively showcases the abilities of all its’ members especially with an impressive instrumental guitar and drums section near the end of the track.

The repetition of the opening melody feels as if it has been tagged on to the end of the song and could have come in sooner. The acoustic vocal section also appears a bit late in the track to add variation and doesn’t fit. However compared to the overall quality of the song and its’ production the above concerns could easily iron themselves out after a few listens.

Imperfection is the perfect title for a song with faults that could in time contribute to its’ undeniable quality.

You can purchase Imperfection on iTunes at the following link: