Review: Ian Brown, Platt Fields

Posted on 15 June 2010
By Emma Hamilton and Magnus Aske
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He wanted to be adored, and he was.

Ian brown, a musical legend in his own right returned home to Manchester last weekend to headline the first of two days of music in Platt Fields.

The former Stone Roses front man opened with the classic Stone Roses song I Wanna Be Adored which was the perfect opener, exciting the anticipating audience.

The 47-year-old, can still turn a few heads was in high spirits as he impressed the crowd with a medley of solo singles and Stone Roses classics following up with Golden Gaze and Time Is My Everything.

The crowd itself was a credit to Brown’s career, with an eccentric mix of older Roses fans trying to re-live their youth and younger fans drawn by his solo career and of course plenty of mods.

Brown took the stage shortly after Bed Lieutenant, UNKLE, and Mr Scruff, who are no strangers to Brown’s fans and have often dabbled in re-mixing his back catalogue.

He seemed to round the performance off with the notorious F.E.A.R with the assistance from the 7,000-strong crowd, teasing them with an encore and taking requests.

Then surprising the audience with several more memorable songs before actually ending the set with the pinnacle Just Like You sending the crowd into raptures.

Photo by Magnus Aske Blikeng: