Review: Fu Manchu – Signs of Infinite Power (album)

Posted on 23 October 2009
By Jon Kerr
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Review: Fu Manchu – Signs of Infinite Power

Scott Hill and co. offer their eleventh album in the form of “Signs of Infinite Power” and the good news for fans is that not much has changed. The band still dole out their mid-90’s style of Kyuss-esque stoner rock like it’s .. well, the 1990s. This album has some neat moments such as the fun “Gargantuan March” which could have been penned by Frank Black, and the passionate title track.

Maybe it would be true to say that one Fu Manchu album would be enough for anybody and if you discovered “The Action is Go” or “In Search Of…” first time around then this new release can languish happily near the bottom of your “Wanted List”. The album is free of new tricks, but remember that Fu Manchu is becoming an old dog nowadays.

We are happy to recommend tracks like “Bionic Astronautics” and the trippy “Webfoot Witch Hat”, but essentially the tunes are all interchangable and “Sign of Infinite Power” only serves as a decent stoner-grunge release, the likes of which day their day before all the years started to begin with 2.

Fu Manchu fans love unpretentious, no frills rock and with “Signs of Infinite Power” that’s what they’ll get. Queens of the Stone Age took this genre to a new level but Fu Manchu are still keeping it “old school.” With that in mind, it’s hard to recommend this Californian band to new ears.

“Signs of Infinite Power” track listing:
01. Bionic Astronautics
02. Steel.Beast.Defeated
03. Against the Ground
04. Webfoot Witch Hat
05. El Busta
06. Signs of Infinite Power
07. Eyes x 10
08. Gargantuan March
09. Take It Away
10. One Step Too Far