Red Hot Chili Peppers – I’m With You review

Posted on 6 September 2011
By Chloe Baxter
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I’m With You brings the Chilli’s usual mixture of deep, melodic bass lines and up-beat tempo, but with a sprinkling of somthing new.

Life and death have been cited as a major theme of the album and the opening track Monarchy of Roses sets a darker tone,with its subtle yet enchanting riffs, than we’ve come to expect from the boys.

Did I Let You Know and Ethiopia have an African vibe and are charismatically belted in the way only Anthony Keidis knows how. Both tracks set an uplifting mood, yet could be a risky tweak to their usual punk-rock sound.

Continuing this new darker side to your favourite LA rock/funk group is Brendan’s Death Song, a definite album highlight.

The song itself conveys both light and darkness. It begins with a soft, acoustic touch, topped off by Anthony’s fragile and tender vocals and builds to a heavy explosion of expression and sound.

But any signs that the rockers have grown up and matured are soon put aside. Happiness Loves Company is what we’ve come to expect from the band; songs about sex and California.

The Chili’s still haven’t lost that adolescent charm that made them stadium fillers and this is part of the reason they are still relevant today.

Anthony, Josh, Flea & Chad have managed to put out a bright, yet haunting album, risen and inspired from the death of a friend’s overdose.

Whether this new direction will be a wrong turn or a new leaf for the band is a decision best left to the fans, but either way the Chili’s will, as always, receive a huge reception on their current global tour.