Record Store Day: Bristol roundup. Drinks and The Duke Spirit

Posted on 22 April 2012
By Samantha Maine
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Record Store Day was always going to be a belter in Bristol, with three independent shops all taking part.

First stop was Rise, located on the Clifton Triangle. Known for being one of the best stores in the entire country, it certainly didn’t do Record Store day by halves.

Queues began at 7am, with around 70 people ready to get their hands on the special releases from the likes of The Arctic Monkeys, David Bowie and Gorillaz.

Manager Lawrence Montgomery gives his thoughts on this year’s releases. He said: “I’m not really into a lot of the reissued stuff unless it is rare or been unavailable for a long time. I think it’s important that the key releases are brand new tracks – gotta keep it current!”

It comes as no surprise then, that the new tracks were the most popular. Letting 20 people in at a time, the Gorillaz and Arctic Monkeys were snapped up in a heartbeat.

“This is my fourth Record Store Day and there have already been some pretty special moments,” continues Lawrence. “I remember last year, when I drove to work and passed the shop at 7.30 and there were already 100+ people queuing outside. That kinda woke me up!”

By the time the clock struck 11am, the most sought-after releases had sold out. The disappointment didn’t last long though, as the shop more than made up for it with the day’s antics.

Live in-stores started at 10am. The shop continued to be full of vinyl fiends who stuck around to catch some awesome live sets.

The absolute highlight was a superb set from The Duke Spirit. Customer Melanie said: “Even though I got here early, I didn’t get the releases I wanted. It doesn’t matter too much though, as I got to see one of my favourite bands for free!”

Local band Buzzards also impressed with their 90s grunge and hyped band Towns pulled in a good crowd.

Also on show was a lovely art exhibition from The Maccabee’s Orlando Weeks and staff member Adrian Dutt.

As the day went on, the drinks (yes, a bar at the tills!) kept flowing. What was Lawrence’s drink of choice? He said: “Revolutions, the official Record Store Day ale of course! Although I can’t get started too early because I gotta pull a 15 hour shift on the day and need a clear head.”

Rise stayed open until an impressive 10pm, with the shop full to the brim for most of it. Let’s hope Lawrence and his staff got to enjoy an ale or two after all their hard work.

Lawrence concludes: “Record Store Day is incredibly important because it raises the profile of our Independent Record Shop no end and it is our busiest day of the year! We look forward to it as a team as it is a time to celebrate all the creativity and good work we do during the rest of the year.”

Head, located in Broadmead also played host to live in stores from the likes of The Naturals.

Just like Rise, the most anticipated releases were long gone after 9am.

Local vinyl store Idle Hands also deserves a special mention. The dance specalist located on Stokes Croft welcomed sets from Punch Drunk’s Peverelist, Kowtown and Baobinga.

The shop was packed out from 6pm, with everyone enjoying a dance and a few cheeky drinks.

As another Record Store Day comes to a close, Rise, Head and Idle Hands can rest easy knowing once again, they provided their customers with an incredible day and a reason to come back and support their independent record stores.