Police Squad – Synesthesia in C Minor EP

Posted on 3 September 2014
By Elliot Ramsey
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Police Squad, the forward-thinking three-piece from Liverpool, are shifting gear with their forthcoming EP, Synesthesia in C Minor.

The record merges a classic indie flavour with an electronic edge, culminating in a decidedly psychedelic quality to their music.

Featuring long-time collaborator Kieron Clarke, the EP comes after the band performed ‘The Crews Own’ at last year’s Liverpool International Music Festival, and the squad – better known as Daniel Simpson, Alasdair Robinson and Steven Dee – together form a pop music power-house with a colourful, haunting twist.

Although influenced by the likes of Virginia Woolf and Daniel Kahneman, the band’s lyrics are often very relaxed, evoking even a conversational tone in ‘Elena Waltz’, singing in their native accents ‘It’s a big, old house you live in/ I’m sure it was fun to grow up in.’

It is exactly this raw simplicity that gives the band and their music an organic, authentic charm, and sets them apart from the formulaic pop songs that dwell in the top 40 week in, week out.

Synesthesia in C Minor is their second record and the four track EP doesn’t pigeon-hole itself.

Each song adopts a different style, creating a clear musical progression and it is evident from even a first listen that their inspiration, in both form and content, is born from an eclectic fusion of genres.

‘La Cosa Call’, with its echoing electric guitars, synth-laden melodies and subtle sprinkling of digital effects is reminiscent of an early Vampire Weekend, and clearly draws inspiration from their carefree and nonchalant New Yorker counterparts.

Synesthesia in C Minor, set for release on 15th September, is an ambitious release from Police Squad. Their mix of live instrumentation and sampled effects offers a fresh perspective on indie music, and attempts to bridge the gap between pop and the alternative with a bright and energetic twist.