Nothing More supporting Heaven’s Basement at the Art’s Club, Liverpool

Posted on 18 November 2014
By Tasha Tate
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I’d be surprised if Nothing More had anything left to give after their performance at the Arts Club on Friday night.

Combining devilish charm with a daring show of musical talent, the musicians played themselves and the crowd into a frenzy of heavy metal head bopping.

I’m not sure what happened to crowd etiquette that night, but the less than energetic starting response was not the one the band deserved.

However, if it was a case of warming up the crowd, four songs in and you’d be forgiven in mistaking Nothing More as the main act of the night.

Supporting Heaven’s Basement, the band had a lot to live up to in the Liverpool heavy metal circuit.

Coming all the way over from America, the idea of idea of performing to a crowd known for their dedication to the band they were paying to see must have been a daunting one.

If nerves were something the Texas boys had to battle you’d never had known. Thrashing out aggressive but perfect guitar solos and djent rhythms, the hard rock musicians had more than enough confidence to take control of the stage- and the crowd.

After playing what could very easily be future hits from their new album, the band didn’t even seem to be slowing down.

If voice stamina is a thing vocalists Jonny Hawkins, Daniel Oliver and Mark Vollelunger have it.

Their last song of the set was easily the one that will stay with the fans memories.

In a spectacle of sound, light and true performance, the band said goodbye with their song ‘Salem’, a track that I have no doubts will soon be on the play lists of many heavy metal fans – most likely after this gig.

With this successful Art’s Club gig, a new Liverpool fan base and a new record signing already under their heavily studded belts, it’s hard not to imagine Nothing More as one of the bands that might just break into the industry and have a following as passionate and as dedicated as they clearly are to the stage.