Niki & the Dove – Instinct album review

Posted on 9 May 2012
By Matt Barden
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Instinct is the debut LP from the much hyped Swedish duo Niki & the Dove.

Malin and Gustav have crafted an sprawling album jam packed with stick in your head melodies and left-field production.

Instinct starts as it means to go on with Tomorrow, which wastes no time in rocketing into a climax of crystal clear vocals.

Marin’s delivery throughout is enchanting, caught somewhere between Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks, she is never struggling to be heard over the many layers of synths and samples.

The album is made up of new cuts and previously released tracks such as The Drummer, Mother Protect, Winterheart, and DJ Ease My Mind, but repackaged after some tweaking and polishing.

Mother Project starts off delicately before breaking into a crescendo of gorgeous pop, which will have festival goers swaying and jumping in unison in fields all over the world this summer.

The album finishes on a high note with the epic and catchy Under the Bridges, which rumbles along for close to nine minutes.

It is hard to put Niki & the Dove into one box.

The album ranges from the R&B tinted Last Night, to dance-floor stompers like The Drummer and back to the pop-tastic world of Sweden with the 90s bubblegum-esque In Our Eyes.

The LP’s title sums up the duo’s mindset. They have made songs they think people will love, creating intricate and infectious songs without pandering to the industry or the charts.

There is experimentation abound and a lot of effort has gone into the production of Instinct. There has been a lot of buzz ad expectation about the Stockholm pair, but their debut more than lives up to the hype.