Music at The Magnet for Freshers Week in Liverpool

Posted on 22 September 2017
By Ben Harding
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The Magnet on Hardman Street is the starting point for many nights out, and in Freshers Week style, tonight was no different. The split level bar held two events in the one building; an open mic night upstairs with a variety of acts playing downstairs

Although the gig downstairs had a £5 admission fee, you definitely got more than what you paid for with acts from Skinner’s Lane, Cloud Factories, Hardcore Hornography and more all playing different genres suitable to all the new flatmates.

Students that favoured this bar appeared to be from the SAE Music Institute, or from LIPA, supporting those performing. Whilst all had everyone dancing and singing, my personal favourite had to be Skinner’s Lane.

Even though the group played their original songs, they still managed to amass a following of fans who have previously seen them live at venues throughout the city. With the riff’s combined with the frontman Zack’ s energy, the place filled fast. Through the Canadian accent and the American humour, Zack and his band definitely set the bar high for acts to follow.

My favourite song by the boys has to be one where they took it down a notch from their hard rock anthems, to introduce a saxophone. The sax gave the song that funky jazz vibe which rocked the room immensely, as well as giving the club that chilled vibe the boys were going for. As this was a new addition to the band’s song list, it doesn’t have an official title, but Zack mentioned something about calling it ‘Down’ in his introduction to the single.

If you’re a student and you are looking for somewhere other than the legendary Spoons for a set of predrinks, then The Magnet is definitely a contender! It is sure to be the start of a good Freshers night for many of the new students.

Don’t forget to follow Skinner’s Lane, Cloud Factories and Hardcore Hornography on social media to keep up to date with the latest music releases and band news.