Murderdolls @ Nottingham Rock City review

Posted on 21 February 2011
By Lara Leon Cullen
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Murderdolls came to life in Rock City in Nottingham like a veritable gang of Chucky demon doll rockers. Pictures tell the story.

A teen crowd were robed in all their finest garments, with their faces painted Rocky Horror style and dressed uniformly in black leather. All the studded gear you’d expect for a Murderdolls outing was on show for all to see.

The gig wasn’t sold out but couldn’t have been far off it as it was a struggle to slide past the stoked rockers. Leather sticks you see.

First support was Defiled who were antipodeans of the highest merit and did a brilliant job of warming the crowd up. Many punters were still stuck in the massive queue outside at this point, but the Defiled sound could penetrate even the thickest of concrete walls. So everyone got a scintillating taster of what was to come.

Then, Black Veil Brides, a band from Hollywood entered the fray and it was a genuine “love em or loathe em” affair. Most people were indifferent to the Brides, who put on a mediocre show to many.

The youngsters in the crowd seemed to identify with the Brides though, so maybe the older Murderdolls fans who turned their noses up at the noise are just out of touch with snotty nosed teenage angst.

In reality, the band put up a good fight and they got a serious amount of teenage hysteria for a support band. They will be playing a slot at Download this year if you are into them.

By the time both supports were done and Murderdolls came on the atmosphere was fairly crazy and people being plucked out of the crowd at the front, asphyxiation was rife at the front.

Missiles were flying and cups of liquid were being lashed here and there, front row was getting squished by the crowds behind. It was all going off.

The notoriously loud Rock City was smashing the decibel records by this point.

Main floor was Murderdoll madness, where a number of rotating mosh pits merged like tropical storms with debris of crowd surfers a plenty. Tons and tons of energy and the damage was incalculable.

Murderdolls setlist on the night:

Setlist if it helps.
World According/Intro
Chapel of Blood
Death Valley Superstars
Homicide Drive
Slit My Wrists
Twist My Sister
She Was a Teenage Zombie
Dark PLace Alone
Drug Me To Hell
Die My Bride
People Hate Me
Blood Stained Valentine
Pieces of You
Bad Things
Welcome to the Strange
Motherfucker I don’t Care
Dawn of the Dead
(I Take Drugs) Dead In Hollywood