Moby provides his music free for filmmakers

Posted on 9 July 2013
By Leah Connor
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An innovative website by music star Moby called Moby Gratis has been re-launched giving non-profit, student and indie filmmakers the use of his back catalogue for free.

Moby Gratis was originally launched in 2005, but was relaunched recently with the addition of two songs from Moby’s own album Wait For Me and Destroyed.

The website not only helps up and coming film makers, but is also completely a non profit venture with any turnover going to The Humane Society.

Moby said: “There are over 150 tracks on Moby Gratis. There’s quiet music, loud music, fast music and slow music, my hope is that somewhere on the site you will find the music you’re looking for.”

Moby is the first producer and musician to allow low budget filmmaker’s the access to a wide range of music.