Matchstickmen – Cheap Little Thrill

Posted on 14 July 2015
By Leanne Durr
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With their new single Cheap Little Thrill, the Matchstickmen are here to stamp their giant rock foot prints all over the music scene.

The band have already received an abundance of radio play and opened for acts such as Electric Six, The Quireboys, Graham Bonnet, INME, Taking Dawn, The Alarm, Skin, The Trews, name a few. They also have the release of their second album, “From Our Own Ashes” lined up for later this year.

Cheap Little Thrill combines the raw seduction of bands such as INXS with the added twist of a darker grungier feel. Never a band to be pigeon holed the Matchstickmen: vocalist Lewis Wright, guitarist Peter Donnelly, bassist Iain Forsyth and drummer Dave Hornby – have a range of influences from Lynard Skynard to Pearl Jam and combine this range of eclectic influences into their sound.

With Cheap Little Thrill the band has once again managed to prove their ability to produce anthemic rock songs, songs that attach themselves to your brain, whilst still remaining unpredictable with their sound.

Cheap Little Thrill is out now via Holier Than Thou Records.