Marina and The Diamonds release video for new single Oh no!

Posted on 7 July 2010
By Leon Miguel Lates
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Marina And The Diamonds are set to release their 4th single Oh no! from the debut album, The Family Jewels on 2nd August 2010.

With undertones of past release Hollywood, Welsh-born Marina combines her fantastic robotic voice with Kinga Burzer, director of the Hollywood music video and artist Lichtenstein to create a single packed with more colours than a Crayola jumbo box set.

Outspoken with interest from Lily Allen, Marina shares her ambition and scrutiny of the industry through Pop Art and Oh no’s stating that if she fails, she will fall apart.

With almost 200,000 views on her official YouTube account alone, one month from release it is certain that the dream will come true.

Marina and the diamonds start their UK tour at Reading and Leeds festivals in late August, oh no!