Lucy Rose’s support act @EVAC – Conor Stephenson of The Half Earth interview

Posted on 12 March 2015
By Caroline Hesford
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Last night saw the second gig in four months that Lucy Rose, an up and coming singer/songwriter, has played in the heart of Liverpool.

Before the show, Purple Revolver caught up with her support act, Conor Stephenson from The Half Earth, to understand a little more about the budding artist’s creative journey so far.

The band consists of lead singer/songwriter Conor Stephenson and new addition Ben Walter, whose skills serve as a full electronic backing band.

Stephenson told Purple Revolver that this was their third night into the tour and that he was feeling “very lucky” to be on the road again. Previously, the artist had toured the UK as a one-man band for just a week, unlike his current activities as a duo, ranging over a three-week period.

“It is very cool, but we will only have three days off.”

Their hard work is certainly paying off as he told us the tour would be taking them to London – the UK’s home to innovative breeding.

The Half Earth also ventured to Cardiff the night before their show in Liverpool, where the crowd was said to be mental. It was clear that the event had left the artist with positive feelings. Stephenson updated his website claiming:

“Cardiff! You were THE ONE last night! I love you all! Now on to Liverpool! Yeee haaaa #BEN”

The Half Earth saw a pivotal moment in their journey on the 9th March, when the release of their first EP prevailed. Stephenson told us that he was feeling “really good” about it and claimed: “I like it … a lot!

“You have to get excited about your own music before committing to putting it on record. You have to hear it a lot so it is important that you like it yourself.”

Whilst Stephenson presented excitement and content over his new release, the artist informed us that previously he had wanted to take a more “enigmatic” stance when producing music:

“I thought when I first started out, that I wanted to be a producer who stayed in his bedroom and uploaded onto the internet.

“I have since realised that it is very difficult to be that person. You have to get yourself out there. Since adding Ben (Walter) to the mix I have enjoyed it a lot more.

“I do not want my music to be about me, I want it to illustrate a wider effort. This is why I haven’t produced anything under my own name.”

The artist’s modest approach has increasingly encouraged him to work alongside others in a combined effort to produce beautiful music. Over the Christmas period, Stephenson and Walter worked on a single for the Copperfield’s Charity Christmas Album. This saw a production of The Half Earth’s very own rendition of Peter Auty’s “Walking In The Air”. The Snowman theme song has seen many covers in its lifetime, with The Half Earth’s version projecting a modern and mature sound. Stephenson told Purple Revolver:

“We produced our version in just a day. When I researched and found it was in a high falsetto I was like, perfect! I’ll do that.”

The band beholds a variety of skills to work with, which was evident during their performance.

Stephenson’s vocals have been compared with artists such as Bon Iver, but with the aid of Walter who specialises in keys, bass, synth, and drum-track, The Half Earth produces a lively electronic backing.