Lucky Beaches EP review

Posted on 6 June 2011
By Richard Lewis
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A mysterious and eponymously titled release from the Liverpool/Los Angeles hybrid band, Lucky Beaches’ debut EP comes in a sleeve adorned with a figure in comedy specs and ‘tache, with little other information besides.

But the music contained within is more than enough to satiate the curious, a blend of summer psychedelia and Beach Boys inspired instrumentation, topped with a Lennon-esque vocal delivery.

Released under the band’s own Girl Records banner, the label moniker is well chosen as the EPs lyrics are indeed mostly about girls.

Opener ‘Jenny Mo’, reminiscent of The Stones’ fascination for song titles concerning mysterious females, (‘Ruby Tuesday’, ‘Lady Jane’, ‘Sister Morphine’) is built on a chassis of staccato acoustic strumming and a Beatles-evoking bassline that anchors the song, giving ample room to the infectious vocal melody.

This and ‘Circles (In My Mind)’ that follows next are presumably what Liam Gallagher had in mind for Beady Eye.

Where Liam stumbled however, Lucky Beaches stride forwards, their songs taking a wealth of Sixties references with the over-riding influence of John Lennon and giving them a modern twist.

Indeed, ‘I’ll Let Go Now (Honey True)’ sounds like something Lennon could have composed gazing out over Central Park while ensconced in the Dakota.

‘No Need to Feel Alone’ starting out like MIA Southport bluesmen Gomez’s ‘Whipping Piccadilly’, develops into a massed anthemic la-la-la-la chorus towards the close.

Concluding the set, ‘What a Heavy Load’, possibly recorded in a bathroom judging by the sound of the refracted acoustic guitar and fuzzy vocal is a simple, unburnished melodic gem.

Slightly oxymoronic, the EP has seemingly has a ‘polished lo-fi’ sound, the tracks simply recorded with acoustic guitars, drum machines and handclaps while retaining a pop sensibility.

A warm-up for the band’s prosaically titled ‘My First Pop Record’ debut LP later this year, the five track disc indicates Mr. Beaches may have talent to burn if he has material as strong as this for the album proper.