Liverpool Music Week: Hadouken! Stanley Theatre review

Posted on 1 November 2010
By Danni Pugh
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Hadouken! entered Liverpool’s Stanley Theatre bringing with them the thunder of a hardcore of fans. They were all in attendance, caked in day glow paint and luminous clothing, ready to go bananas.

The crowd got a little bit rowdy early on for the support act Pocket Lips, who were an energetic bunch and had the right sound and demeanour to cause a ruckus. At the front people were getting a tongue lashing and some furious finger pointing from the very moody bouncers who were killjoys of the highest merit.

Little did they know the madness that was to ensue when Hadouken! entered the fray.

Hadouken! came on after a small break for people to recharge their batteries and have a bevy or two. Then they took to the stage to rip up this small theatre into tiny pieces.

The crowd were going wild from the get go, waving their hands, pints were getting launched everywhere like grenades.

Hadouken! played into MAD quite early on which really had the crowd singing along and throwing their best rave shapes, with it’s dirty bass line and dance elements it was a knockout.

The crowd surfers started at this point, much to the annoyance of the burly bouncers who were getting old school Reeboks and retro fluorescent trainers thrown in their face at every key change.

Their mix of raucous, grimey tunes and trade mark mosh pits were on display for all to see, and the crowd was loving every minute of it as Hadouken! really hit their stride mid set.

As Liquid Lives erupted they had the crowd where they wanted them, and this had to be one of the biggest tracks of the night. This was then followed by a very cheesy ‘can you hear me? I think we might need a Mic Check!’ remark, as the band played into their hit single of the same name.

Leadsinger James Smith had swapped his glow in the dark gear for a downplayed grey batman shirt and hat ensemble, and he was on top form throughout this performance, pushing his voice box to the limit. They finished with a fitting rendition of Turn The Lights Out, and the crowd mustered what energy they had left for one last thrash.

With their upcoming role in supporting Pendulum’s UK tour Hadouken! seem to be all fired up and ready for what will surely be a tour to remember.