Liverpool Music Week: Darwin Deez free gig @ Mojo review

Posted on 1 November 2010
By Ash Williams
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Liverpool Music Week kicked off with warpaint last weekend and now it’s the turn of Darwin Deez to take the Mojo shows into the constellations and beyond.

LMW had stated on their official Facebook this was to be known as happy Friday and why? No1. Its free and No2. Darwin deez is the happiest guy alive, with his curly wig and perma smile.

This was one busy venue, with all 100 advance tickets gone out of box office in seconds there was a massive queue lined up outside.

It was that busy inside, the saying “couldn’t swing a cat” sprung to mind immediately.

Before Darwin Deez entered the stage we had some potentially good liverpool bands on show, who are building up a good reputation by all accounts. These include Slopes, Liberty Vessels and Fly with Vampires, who all do an excellent job of getting the crowd g’d up.

It was DD time soon enough and a big cheer and a warm welcome was in order for the New Yorkers who last week played live on Radio One and were ready to thrill again.

After the first song Lights On had finished, the band seamlessly got up and broke into a zaney dance routine which worked up nicely into the joyous singalong track Up in the Clouds. This particular song was fantastic, and the crowd loved its soaring harmonies and expert guitar work from Darwin.

This continues all the way through the set, but not just with dance routines, we also get old school dance mashups and an impromptu rap.

It was like being in the Everyman Playhouse watching a theater production or some kind of variety show. This is a big positive for the people watching, with all the breaks from convention, the vibe Darwin creates is really something to be celebrated.

Down the line now, and running up to the big hit Radar Detector we still had a special surprise to come, the fly with vampire boys enter the stage for a dance off. A truly perfect way to end the night and the first LMW free show at mojo goes out in style, as Radar Detector goes off.

Check out the pictorial here, which includes a special backstage snap shot of the four piece relaxing before the show.