Liverpool Music Week: Chase & Status @ O2 Academy review

Posted on 16 November 2010
By Ash Williams
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Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Dance… Chase & Status had the lot as they blew a hole in the ozone layer just above Liverpool with their clinical beats.

Live and on fire in the O2 Academy the London duo had dirty beats by the bucket full, and the venue was unsuprisingly full to capacity for a riotous event.

Entering through the smoke and the lights, there was almost complete darkness for a moment as the lights dimmed to a flicker, then the whistles came hollering out from the crowd who had obviously waited long enough.

The emergence of each MC was nothing less than epic and was followed with a big lightshow with the words GET IT ON flashing on and off on the huge screen behind them.

Then “Everybody bounce, everybody bounce” came across the screen as the pair hit into Smash TV, it was only the first song and already the place was going wild, there was some serious arm pumping on show.

This was followed by a couple of the early songs from the first album such as More Than A lot. The old school numbers had the desired affect, getting the crowd even more pumped.

One of the biggest hits was next from this quality double team who are climbing up the ladder to reach the level of Pendulum, but on their own terms and with a completely different sound.

They then beat into End Credits which feats Plan B, who appears like a hologram on a massive video backdrop. The stage lighting was going all techno at this point with the crowd singing aloud like banshees. This marked a turning point in the show and was followed by all the biggest hits which have dominated most of the ipod playlists of the fans in attendance.

“Heavy Feat is dedicated to you Liverpool” was shouted over by MC Rage and the crowd responded in kind.

The gig had reached fever pitch for the bruising track Let You Go, Liam Bailey gets up to perform Blind Faith. Tempa T rock into Hypest Hype which is their new release and was recently a free download off their website which caused the server to crash on its first day release.

The show had flown by as Chase & Status rocked into Pieces and the crowd fully welcomed this with their biggest sing along of the whole night, watching the giant video screen reel off: ‘You don’t care, about me, Anymore, that’s why you, you wanna break my heart, into pieces on the floor’.

Almost everyone joined in with their hands full aloft waiting for the breakdown to drop. Cue MC Rage again who shouted over the mic: “I want to see absolute carnage”. Then the chorus dropped… and he got what he asked for. It was like a sonic boom with the strobes, beats, bass, drums, and the crowd going mental with the energy of a thousand suns.

while the crowd were still elated and in full happiness Chase & Status were joined on the stage by all the support acts who were jumping up and down,mirroring the crowd for this big finale.

A big shout out to Chase & Status welcomed by a big round of applause and screams, this duo have made massive strides this year and are ready to take control of the charts, blowing Pendulum out of the water.