Live Review: Natalie Findlay, Liverpool O2 Academy

Posted on 27 April 2010
By Kieran Crosby
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There’s something very mysterious about Natalie Findlay. Firstly, it takes a true internet detective to find any of her music online.

It’s safe to say we failed. Only finding one very old demo track. But, before she put “making records… be back soon x” on her Myspace, we did get the chance to check out some of her music.

Sundays can be a funny night for gigs, and when a venue is half empty (or half full, depending on how optimistic you are…) the very best of support acts are tested.

But from the minute the dark haired, leather jacket wearing 18-year-old walked out, she managed not only to grab our attention by making full use of the stage but rocked out a voice that made you feel like she’d given you an ear wedgie (in a good way).

One thing that can always be a worry is whether artists can deliver in a live environment, but this certainly was not the case for Natalie. Both her and her band had plenty of energy and charisma that was infectious and great to watch. It’s clear this girl is not messing about, and neither are her songs.

Highlights include Gin On The Jukebox and With Love From Up North. Natalie easily rubs shoulders with the likes of Band Of Skulls, The Duke Spirit and recently reformed 22-20s, producing bluesy-rock with plenty of punch, vocally and through catchy melodies.

So while you may have to take our word for it for now, you should definitely keep a keen eye on Miss Findlay’s myspace – it won’t be long till you’re hooked too! She will be back in Liverpool for SoundCity, playing with Beth Jeans Houghton at Studio 2, Parr St.

Natalie Findlay, Liverpool O2 Academy
27, April