Live Review: Darwin Deez, The Masque

Posted on 8 May 2010
By Kraig Heymans
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As with many eponymously named bands, Darwin Deez attract and deflect much of their attention onto their super skinny lead singer.

He is, to most people, Mr. Deez. Darwin, if you will. It was therefore a surprise to many people when Darwin Deez offered up a complete band live, with each member possessing their own style and each arguably bringing an equal but completely different texture of sound to the outfit.

The hour-long set kicked off in odd style with the band playing for many, their biggest hit to date, Constellations, to what could only be described as a rapturous reception. The crowd quickly jumped into immediate activity following the fairly nondescript indie-dance support on offer, and settled into a jumpy atmosphere for the next hour. The band themselves appeared to be having the time of their lives, breaking from ‘serious-indie’ mode every 2 tracks in order to perform a ridiculous, yet completely unforced dance routine.

The routines alone were excellent centrepieces which were always tongue in cheek, and it became apparent quite early on, the importance to the band of being allowed to dance and play on stage.

A new track, Hey Mom, debuted to a baying crowd displaying the problem and also the solution to being a band with one album. The setlist did consist almost entirely of the debut Deez album, but the tracks were so strong and so catchy they more than made up for the lack of variety in the set.

Musically, the set was extremely tight, with mechanistic rhythm supporting the upper echelons of Darwin’s light and emotive voice, this sound collapsing every so often to open up a wall of garish yet controlled electronic feedback.

After a few minutes, the band then came back on for an encore, the sound of the guitars culminating in Deep Sea Diver, with a tone oddly reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr, that could only be described as majestic.

If you enjoy dancing, fun, melodic indie, and ridiculous haircuts then you should definitely catch Darwin Deez live.


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