Live review: Crystal Fighters, Errors, O Children @ The Kazimier

Posted on 23 May 2010
By Dom Martin
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Sound City was starting to take its toll come Saturday. Where possible, people sat where they could have stood, and toe tapped when they could have headbanged.

But for the dedicated few, the party was still going strong. The Kazimier took a while to muster up the energy, but once it got going, it was not to be stopped.

O Children seemed none too fussed to be on stage, all moody fringes and Shoreditch sang froid. Their sub Joy Division sound has quite frankly been and gone. A long time ago too. It would have been much better had they just done a set of JD covers. That would have at least sparked the place into life. Their last tune demonstrated that when they stop striking such pouty poses, they can let loose on stage and let their music do the talking, but it was frankly a case of too little too late. Go back to The Old Blue Last and let Peaches slobber over you. Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

Errors were up next and SMASHED it. Everything about them was right. Synergy folks, it’s all about the synergy. These guys just created beautiful, synth heavy, mathy goodness.

They clearly were highly technically proficient musicians (in contrast to the previous band), and frontman Simon had a warm sense of humour to match the band’s serotonin-fuelled soundscapes. This is how Saturday nights in summer should sound. The Kazimier, although by no means full, was shakin’ its moneymaker like its life depended on it.

By the time Crystal Fighters came on, most of the freaks had come out to play. A Baby Spice lookalike was bouncing about the place. Well perhaps not lookalike. She was caked in makeup and looked old enough to have seen the Suffragettes in the first wave of girl power….Anyway, Crystal Fighters continued the party vibe, and although nowhere near as musically adept as Errors, they kept the crowd rocking.

As the last bleeps echoed from their synth, the clustercuss that was Sound City came to an end. Hats off to the organisers, and here’s hoping Liverpool becomes Blighty’s answer to Austin, Texas. With more BBQ and beer parties. And cowboy boots.