Little Mixs Confetti tour sees the pop trio at the top of their game as they bow out with a joyful hit rundown

Posted on 15 May 2022
By Shannon Garner
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After announcing plans for their ‘extended hiatus’ in December last year, Little Mix will be taking a well-earned break when their ‘Confetti’ tour finishes, leaving the UK without a major girl group for the first time in decades.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall and Perrie Edwards told devoted fans that their last tour would be a celebration of their long and extremely successful ten-year career and that this would be their last show, for now, emphasis on the for now.

The Brit winning group took to the stage in tremendous fashion as they took control of their legacy with a two-hour blast of bangers from the past decade draped in feathers and neon fits.

Suspended from the ceiling as they power through the ultimate revenge anthem that is ‘Shout Out To My Ex’, confetti exploded through the sold-out arena crowd and proves that the trio are going out with a bang.

Known for being masters of glorious mash-ups, the groups new renditions of fan-favourites ‘Power’/’Gloves Up’ and ‘Salute’ mixed with Lil Nas X’s ‘Industry Baby’ did not disappoint. The girls have a talent for making their mash-ups sound like they were originally supposed to be that way as they seamlessly blend together, both in performance and melody, every time without fail.

Switching reggae-pop track ‘Woman Like Me’ into an anthemic pop-rock performance was something no one expected yet something we now can’t live without. I can’t hear the song any other way anymore. The original version is out the window and the rock version is here to stay. There are pyros galore as the girls break into a rock’n’roll dance break full of intensive hairography and their vocals are truly unmatched as they harmonise together throughout perfectly, leaving everyone further astounded.

As well as not getting enough credit for their unforgettable hits, the girls definitely don’t get enough recognition for their insane vocals and talent. Pinnock, Thirlwall and Edwards equally got their own moment to vocally shine in ballads such as ‘Love Me or Leave Me’, ‘Gloves Up’, and ‘Secret Love Song’.

Deserving a stand-alone mention on their insane vocals is the heart-shattering performance of ‘Between Us’ – a song dedicated to their friendship which they described as their “love letter to each other.” As the trio floated in the air over the crowd, the performance saw them get choked up and unable to sing throughout yet their vocals still shone. The emotions ran incredibly high, and not only for the three superstars, but fans scattered around the venue could also be seen crying and holding up heartfelt messages on signs to show their support.

Within seconds, the group professionally pulled it together and smashed out their epic encore hits ‘Confetti’ and ‘Sweet Melody’ which felt more like a triumphant beginning than an ending.

It goes without saying that Little Mix are an impeccable girl group. They have mastered every aspect of being both individual artists and a cohesive band with a back catalogue that other pop acts dream of having. For two breathless hours, they performed banger after banger, reminding us why they are the biggest girl band in the UK despite deserving world status and gave the most bittersweet goodbye. One can only hope that they reunite sooner rather than later. A world without Little Mix, their bubblegum girl-empowering pop, or their over-the-top, heavily rhinestoned tour productions is not a world I want to be in. 2011 to always.