Larsen B – Album Review

Posted on 13 June 2010
By Martin Higgins
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Larsen B’s new record is rich with catchy melodies, the lyrics and choruses are strongly seductive.

They linger in the brain and you will be humming some of the tunes unconsciously for days after, with Marilyn and Atlantis being particularly memorable.

The band who hail from Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire are named after an Antarctic ice shelf but their songs could melt the coldest of hearts and this album should herald their real break through.

Larsen B’s star has been on the rise since their debut EP in 2007, The Treasured Memories of Cecil Element and this project shows a distinct movement into a more folk engendered sound.

Marilyn is the standout track, with its frolicsome folksy jingles complemented by the shimmering voice of lead singer Paddy Smith who sounds remarkably like James Mercer of The Shins. Other tracks which pull you in are Robots Learn To Love, Codeine and Stitch.

It is a mellow, soothing affair throughout and if we were cruel we would say it suitable lift music for TJ Hughes in places, very samey and not enough variety to keep a listener engaged.

If you like Seabear, The Shins, Mumford and Sons – then you should dig this. So give it a listen.

Larsen B’s second album Musketeer is released on July 5.