Lana Del Rey brings her Lust For Life tour to the Liverpool Echo Arena

Posted on 28 August 2017
By Gabriel Jaloszynski
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Lana Del Rey, the glamourous New York City icon, graced Liverpool with her presence after announcing two more UK tour dates a month in advance after performing a surprise July show in London.

Although the show was classified as part of the Lust for Life tour, it did not leave out older projects and put a heavy focus on showing of Lana’s best songs up to date.

The set itself was just over an hour long with short breaks for Lana to interact and give back to the audience by taking photos with them and embrace the overall atmosphere created by the event.

Lana’s personality played a big part in creating the atmosphere as she switched from her media image of hollywood start with a touch of classy eroticism to more awkward shyness reflected straight back from some of the crowd members’ faces giving out a human touch that created another level of immersion within the performance.

Del Rey also altered the setlist during the gig while informing her band that they will play ‘’Music to Watch Boys To’’ which was taken off the set before the performance.

On top of that, Lana surprised the audience after she asked the technicians to get her guitar ready, which created one of the most icon moments of the show as the fans watched their idol standing on an empty stage with a cream Gibson flying V performing a solo version of ‘’Yayo from her debut follow up ‘’Paradise’’.

This was followed up by a cappella version of ‘’Love’’ which where Lana was joined by the Liverpool crowd to fully break the barriers between the audience and the artists.

The visual aesthetic included vintage film reel styled clips that played in harmony to resonate her lyrical references to american icons such as the actor James Dean, who got his own visual tribute to the rhythm of ‘’Blue Jeans’’

The ultimate highlight of the night was the final score ‘’Off to the Races’’ which was performed in a much heavier tone, giving the song more character than it already has, ending with Lana, slowly walking off the stage to the chaotic extension of the song as digital fireworks bombarded the arena leaving the crowd with the sense of awe dripped in sweat and tears.

1. Body Electric
2. Cherry
3. Shades of Cool
4. Blue Jeans
5. Burnt Norton (Instrumental Debut)
6. White Mustang
7. Music to watch boys to

8. Ultraviolence
9. Cruel World
10. Change
11. Ride
12. Summertime Sadness
13. Video Games
14. Yayo (Short/ Lana on Guitar)
15. Love (accapella)
16. Off to the races (Extended)