Lamb of God “Resolution” – album review

Posted on 19 January 2012
By Cat Marr
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Lamb of God aren’t as Evangelical as their names suggests, their music is lethal and it will take your face off. But it does inspire a feeling of righteous vengeance.

If you want to hear some of the heaviest metal around then listen to ‘Resolution’, the guitar solos are dangerous and the drum beats will bury into your skull.

‘Resolution’, is the bands seventh studio album and the energy of the album shows that they won’t be stopping anytime soon. Lamb of God have in the past been credited for their contribution to the new wave of American heavy metal and with ‘Resolution’ they are proving that they are worthy of waving this flag.

For metallers, this album will make you want to shake your long untamed wavy mane in circular motion to the drum rolls.

If Panic at the Disco are as far as you are willing to travel on the rock spectrum, keep away, as this may result in tears and sitting on the floor of your shower constantly rocking back and forth.

The opening track ‘Straight for the Sun’, acts as its blurb, by screaming in your face, tough riffs and drum solos it sets the pace for the rest of the record. Each track on the album is different despite sharing all the same heavy metal characteristics.

Lyrics are well crafted and aren’t just slapped on top of the music, as a flimsy justification for the song, but are slipped in thoughtfully to the melody. Their gift is the strength of the men as musicians, the drumming is catastrophic and guitar solos comes attached with a massive dose of envy. Their sound is so powerful on this album, that without the lyrics they could cause the the same impact.

Despite songs being performed with guttural screams the lyrics are quite clear and the song ‘Ghost Walking’ is extremely catchy and could be described as a metal pop song. The track is complete with choruses and hooks and a couple of phrases sound like they could’ve been borrowed from a top 40 chart topper.

The tracks positions have been thought through and you are even provided with a small instrumental interval track half way through the record called ‘Barbarosa’. Cheated’ invites you to get up and squash against the barrier with the other fans and throw yourself around.

‘Terminally Unique’ starts with a beautiful almost medieval tune before breaking into the hard stuff, it is the ultimate hardcore escapism and the lyrics create circle pits in your head and the lyrics trap you there. “seal all the exits, tie your own hands, burn all your bridges, hide in the sand”.

The closing track is complete with a Tom Waites style narrative, giving you an eery ending to Lamb of God’s dark tale.