Ladies: “Trigger For Love” single launch

Posted on 22 November 2017
By Lois Warrington
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Watching Ladies is like when everyone at Christmas gets excited over the roasties.

The three piece band consisting of front man Chas Moody, bassist Sam Branch and drummer Mitia Smirnov; they are the perfect collaboration of charm, charisma and talent. With tracks like Pretty In My Heart and Eyes of the Dodge their 60’s vibe has got everyone wondering what else they have been cooking in the kitchen.

The band has built up quite the following and we were invited to witness the lads at their latest single launch for “Trigger For Love” in the Sound basement.

Standing in the middle of the crowd amongst fans happily jiving and singing along word for word, Ladies create an atmosphere that most gigs are lacking these days. A genuine environment where people are engrossing the positive energies of those beside them to really relish in the moment whilst supporting new local music.

Ladies new single “Trigger For Love” sounds a shot further developed than their other tracks. The track begins with a head nodding rhythm which alludes the crowd to brace themselves. Elements of the track sound like a mixture between The Beatles and T. Rex, with Chas’ vocals adding essences of character.

Their performance was stylishly delivered in a poised fashion whilst the crowd ululated “With a bang with a bang she shoots shoots” one of the many notable tag lines that make this track exciting. (The perfect song if you enjoy the concept of female ejaculation or women that aim to be in love)

Ladies had two supporting acts; The Change and The Shunt both of whom are mirroring the same vibe as Ladies in their approach to sustaining an authentic fan base who love local music. Like we always say; Liverpool has a remarkable level of talent and its indie rock/rock band are really pioneering and exceeding expectations.

We urge that you check out Ladies, The Change and The Shunt on their social media platforms to stay informed of their next gigs.

Also, be sure to check out “Trigger for Love” on Spotify – we will see you in the crowd at the next Ladies gig!

Purple Revolver rating 4.5/5