Josh Ritter, Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh review

Posted on 14 April 2011
By Matt Barden
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Josh Ritter is a very happy man. Stepping out to rapturous applause from the Edinburgh crowd, the Idaho native proceeded to infect everyone of his loyal followers with his love of music, life, Scotland, and pretty much everything else he could think of.

Joined onstage by his four piece band, The Royal City Band, Josh was like a hyperactive kid after a few Red Bulls and plenty of blue Skittles, jumping and jigging his way through an assortment of older numbers and plenty of tracks from his most recent album, So Runs the World Away.

Behind his on-stage presence, which had the crowd literally hanging on to his every word, are the songs. From beautifully crafted ballads (The Curse and Southern Pacific) to jump up ‘n’ down belters (To the Dogs of Whoever and Harrisburg), every song is steeped in fables and folklore.

Dimming the lights mid set (so his band could pick-pocket he jested) Josh led the crowd through a rousing rendition of In the Dark and later dazzled with a cover of The Velvet Underground’s Pale Blue Eyes.

Being at a Josh Ritter gig is like catching up with an old friend; relaxed and easy. Even if you didn’t like his music there is no way you could leave his show not liking the man, his passion and exuberance easily rubbed off on everyone.

Joined on stage by his warm-up act, Tiftt Merrrit (a very talented North Carolinian songstress), the show was wrapped up with a blistering version of To the Dogs of Whoever, in all its foot stompin’ and hand clappin’ glory.

And then it all ended. Everyone left happy to have been a part of a great night of song writing and live music as it should be, but a little bit sadder that they can’t spend every night with the ridiculously happy Mr Ritter.