Jorja Smith at Invisible Wind Factory: Where we left our hearts

Posted on 16 February 2018
By Lois Warrington
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Through the enchanting fabrications of the Invisible Wind Factory, the atmosphere seemed to be adorned with butterflies as the crowd waited in anticipation for the arrival of Jorja Smith.

The 20 year-old is a paradox of intriguing elements; those with which, you don’t want to take your eyes off incase you miss something special. This is why Jorja Smith is currently one of the hottest artists of 2018 with a soulful innocence, accompanied with powerhouse vocals and impassioned lyrics.

From her earlier years producing tracks such as “Blue Lights” to “Where Did I Go” then collaborating with the likes of Maverick Sabre, Preditah, Drake and now Stormzy; this Walsall girl is in a division of her own.

We left our hearts in the Invisible Wind Factory, probably somewhere stuck to a wall as the sold-out gig was packed with eager to support fans all stuck together to get the best view of Jorja Smith’s face. Jorja Smith has a breath-taking aura, the type that can get a room of Scousers to stand in silence and gawp.

Smith is a combination of eloquence and beauty as she graced us with a transfixing performance of “Beautiful Little Fools”. The dimmed spotlight making emphasis of what felt like simplicity and natural talent; enough to make you fall deeper into her melancholic vocals.

Showing her modesty, Smith apologised for performing too many slow songs but frankly, she could have done a 40-minute theatrical performance of You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive and guaranteed we would have all left with our hearts to the floor in tears.

Starting 2018 with receiving The Critics’ Choice award at The Brits, following in the footsteps of previous winners such as Adele, Sam Smith and Jack Garrett. There is definitely a huge sense of pride when watching a star blossom and grow especially at this early on in their career.

Ending the night to the latest collaboration “Let Me Down” featuring Stormzy, the intricacy of Smith’s melodies and tones imposed a majestic goodbye to the crowd. All of which we are sure left the venue speechless wondering how Jorja Smith is only 20-years- old.

Supporting Jorja was Mahalia, a 19-year- old equally talented female artist from Leicester.

The two artists bode a similar style with both being two young strong females with a lot of soul and a lot to say. Mahalia was first signed to Atlantic Records at 13 years old after receiving a tweet from Ed Sheeran.

Though, her lyrical ability, musical passion and professionalism in the industry has increased her popularity which has created an influx of fans.

We recommend for anyone who has not yet listened to Jorja Smith to drop what they are doing, put on Project 11 and prepare to delve into other magical realities.

5/5 Purple Revolver Rating