Joel Harries Graves E.P. Review

Posted on 31 January 2012
By Samantha Maine
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After an impressive debut album ‘Broadcasts’ back in 2009, Joel Harries returns with his Graves EP released on January 18th.

First track ‘Built for This’ solidifies Harries’ already exquisite vocals, shattering even the hardest of hearts and proving that simplicity is sometimes the best remedy.

The production is particularly impressive, as keys quietly wail in the background creating an atmosphere of serenity that makes your hairs stand on end.

‘Awake’ starts off as a sprightly tune, with Harries’ harmonious vocals taking centre stage. The honesty of his lyrical offerings becomes apparent, as he pours his thoughts into the song.

Simplicity once again reigns supreme, as ‘Awake’ not only possesses lyrical integrity but proves Harries’ song writing skills as premium.

Third track ‘On Your Sleeve’ showcases the impressive vocal range, as Harries sings with ease. The shortest of the songs on the E.P, it contains more instruments than previous tracks but still focuses on the content of painful verses.

Finishing off the E.P. is ‘Flinch,’ with Joel and his guitar the only contributors. There needn’t be any more, as the talent which exudes becomes crystal clear.

There seems to be a running theme throughout the E.P. of heartbreak, loss and quiet sadness.

What Joel Harries manages to do is create songs which express this, without being obvious; something, which in the current state of music today, is refreshing.

Full of beauty, talent and honesty, the Graves E.P. is a worthy listen. Bon Iver, watch your back.

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Photo by Anthony David Birch