Jessie J – Leeds review and pictures

Posted on 31 October 2011
By Cat Marr and Danny Payne
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Essex girl Jessie J was predicted to be a huge star this year and boy has she lived up to the hype.

Pumping out singles, collabarating with acts such as James Morrison and B.O.B and writing songs for pop princess Miley Cyrus she’s certainly carving a name for herself.

The stage was dressed up to the nines in wake of the spooktacular halloween show. There were cob webs, pumpkin lanterns and a centre arrangement in the middle of the stage, all of which revealed to be cheaper than you would have expected when Jessie unveiled later on in her set they were from the pound shop.

Jessie kept the audience on tenterhooks before her and the band appeared to face the music. The band were dressed appropriately in skeleton printed onsies but didn’t manage to upstage the quirky dressed starlet.

She was dressed in a circus style loud monochrome outfit and her usual mystic meg style sleek bob was dip dyed red and back combed sky high.

As soon as she opened her mouth it was clear why there has been such a hyperbole of excitement surounding Jessie.

She had vocal strength that was equal to mega stars Christina Aguilera or Beyonce and coupled with a spunky attitude and sharp dance moves it was clear to see why Jessie J has become such a force of nature.

Jessie opened her set with ‘White Room’ a track she had first unveiled on her highly popular YouTube account, where she asked her fans whether or not they thought this should be on the album. She began it sitting down singing to her guitarist before bursting into ‘Who’s Laughing Now’.

This track allowed her to celebrate her foot’s new found freedom after she has spent what seems like years in a cast.

Providing a meal of genres she was able to keep the audience entertained, she could pick a range of different tracks of the menu to keep the audience satisfied.

The best performances of the night were the heartfelt track about losing someone close to you ‘My Shadow’ and the sassy ‘Mamma Knows Best’.

Jessie quietened the massive audience as she pulled out the pensive ‘My Shadow’ ballad, every note she sang, she felt and made the audience feel it too. Prancing around the stage, she bought ‘Mamma Knows Best’ song to life and the audience to it’s knees, the prowess of the singer and her talent just commanded not just a couple of thousand to be watching her perform but millions.

After she finished off the performance with the highly successful dirty pop track ‘ Do it Like a Dude’, the buzz of the audience and the electricity of the room was a reminder that this girl is not just another popstar and the lucky audience had been graced with a megastar.