Jess Glynne live review, Liverpool Echo Arena – ‘filling the world with love’

Posted on 23 November 2016
By Ellie Gregory
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Jess Glynne empowered her sell-out audience at her Take Me Home Tour at the Liverpool Echo Arena on Sunday night, as she delivered a sparkling performance accompanied by two outstanding support acts.

One super-fan had travelled from Amsterdam alone just to watch her idol perform.

And then, bursting into light, accompanied by glitter cannons and the excitement from a full arena, Jess Glynne took to the stage.

The Grammy Award winner brought a galactic image to the stage, as she wore a silver-sequin jumpsuit and had plaited hair.

Kicking off the show, Jess Glynne performed her UK number one hit single, ‘Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself’, and the lyrics were beamed onto colourful screens at the back of the stage so her audience could join in with her.

All of Jess Glynne’s song have a story or a message behind them, and they are aimed to empower those who are having trouble in their lives.

When singing ‘My Love’ with such passion and emotion, Jess said: “I feel like a lot has happened this year, and we need to fill the world with some love.”

After a mellow instrumental interlude, the audience were set for the second half of the Take Me Home Tour.

‘Right Here’, Jess’ debut solo single, reenergised the crowd as the arena boomed as they all sang this classic song.

The atmosphere was taken down a notch, when Jess performed ‘Take Me Home’.

Came to you with a broken faith
Gave me more than a hand to hold
Caught before I hit the ground
Tell me I’m safe, you’ve got me now — Take Me Home, Jess Glynne

The lyrics brought a diversity of emotions to the arena; you could see people tearing up, friends and lovers held each other in their arms, and people looking up above them.

The arena lit up beautifully, as the crowd turned on their lights, as Jess sang and glided through her audience, as she wanted them to dedicate this song to their loved ones and those who have stood by their side.

The night was nearly over, but the crowd wanted more.

Cheers, chants and foot stamps echoed the arena, and it brought Jess back to complete her night in Liverpool.

Another shower of glittery pink confetti covered her audience as she performed her last song, ‘Hold My Hand’.

Jess Glynne’s live performance enabled her audience to understand her meaning and passion behind her songs, and they grew to love her even more.

Her audience gave such a spectacular reaction to her performance, as they sang alongside her and defined the emotion that Jess wanted to portray in her songs.

Jess Glynne’s Take Me Home Tour definitely proved her to be a unique and inspirational artist to all, as her lyrics provide much empowerment to all who struggle in life, so she is definitely one to watch.

Prior to Jess taking the stage, the two support acts, Raye and Wretch 32 are also worthy of a mention.

The 19-year-old RnB singer took the audience by surprise, as she delivered her songs powerfully and with energy, despite her microphone pack falling off her as she began.

RAYE has worked alongside many world-renowned artists, such as Jonas Blue, Charli XCX and Stormzy, as she has featured on some tracks and co-written songs with them.

RAYE said: “You know when you want to achieve something, you want to put everything you have in it”

“I couldn’t be happier with how everything has turned out.”

After a short break, the stage screens announced that Wretch 32 was about to perform.

The crowd were ecstatic.

Wretch 32 brought electric vibes throughout the arena, as he said: “I’m going to bring you some old stuff, new stuff and future stuff.”

The 2010 Urban Music Award winner brought back some of his classic hits, such as ‘Traktor’, ‘Unorthodox’ and ‘Don’t Go’.

But, Wretch 32 also brought a sentimental value to his songs, as one was dedicated to loved mothers and siblings.

He said: “Music always comes from the heart. I always write my songs about people.”