Japanese Voyeurs, Get Hole review

Posted on 12 April 2011
By Dave Adair
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Pitching a tent in the middle ground between the fervid touch of The Distillers and the grinding provocative rock edge of Queen Adreena, are the lurid, atmospheric Japanese Voyeurs building up to their UK tour with Black Spiders.

The ever imposing Romily Alice, leads from the front with her raunchy, slightly intoxicated vocal drawl. She exposes a player with vim and vigour.

Steve Wilson’s eerily stepping percussive touches and the twisting bass of Johnny Seymour, dissects the song. The disco rocking instrumental element takes on a life of its own in-between the vocals.

The London rockers have another number that will take on new life in a live setting and enhance their reputation as gripping performers.

Release date 18/04 on Fiction