James come home and get intimate at HMV Instore Q&A

Posted on 7 August 2018
By Frank Ralph
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James are currently on a promotional tour for their latest, and one of their greatest albums Living In Extraordinary Times which was released on Friday.

We were lucky enough to catch them at the Arndale HMV store in Manchester where Tim, Jim and Saul performed acoustically for an adoring audience of 250 lucky fans.

Introduced by Inspiral Carpeter and DJ Clint Boon the three of them took the stage to perform stripped back versions of Leviathan and Many Faces, the former being cleaned up for the audience of young children right at the front, and as a bonus a beautiful version of Just Like Fred Astaire.

Many Faces is likely to be a stand out track for many years to come with its powerful refrain that is yet again sang back to the band by the crowd long after the song has finished.

It’s an important song that deserves to be heard even more outside of the James fan circle as it is probably preaching to the converted and is powerful enough to convert a much wider audience.

Stood in the Games section of the store it looked like someone had made an unfortunate typo – much to everyone’s delight. The Q&A focused on how the band chooses their set lists and where their favourite venues to play are, with Glasgow’s Barrowlands being Jim’s choice. Not for it’s visual appeal but just that something magical always seems to happen there, as well as much laughter and joking about doing the cruise circuit as a James tribute band called The James when their popularity begins to wain.

The band then went on to sign various formats of the new album, which we have to say looks absolutely incredible. The variances in artwork across the multiple formats make it even more desirable to own more than just the one copy of it.

Living In Extraordinary Times is out now and available everywhere that’s worth it’s salt. James will be playing several festival dates over the summer and will return for some arena dates at the end of the year.

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