Interview with Stones Throw Records artist Homeboy Sandman

Posted on 25 May 2015
By Khyle Deen
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Ahead of his appearance at The Jazz Cafe in London on Wednesday 27th May, we managed to grab a quick interview with Stones Throw Records artist Homeboy Sandman.

PR: Homeboy, thanks for taking part in this Q&A, are you looking forward to appearing at The Jazz Cafe in London?

Homeboy: Fuck yeah. I love London, that shit always pops. it’s ill to be part of the Doctors Order’s 10th Anniversary celebration too, Spin Doctor was one of the first cats to put me on out here.

PR: How many songs from your latest album Hallways (out now) will you be performing?

Homeboy: I’m not sure yo, at least 3 or 4, it may be more. The cool thing about London is that it’s one of the first places outside of the US that I ever rocked, cats be knowing my catalogue out there.

I’ve got 5 EPs and 5 LPs at this point, so I try to do like at least 2 or 3 joints off all of em and then maybe 3 or 4 off the latest, damn that’s already 20 – 30 songs.

I don’t really know me and Sosa be planning the sets like 10 minutes before the show to be honest with you.

PR: What’s the most personal, meaningful song on your latest LP?

Homeboy: I’d say Activity. I really needed to be open with myself about my frenetic, hectic, ever evolving mania. Grand Pupa is also a strong one.

PR: For people that may not have heard your work, describe your music and style in a few sentences.

Homeboy: Shit is ill kid. It’s like Mozart, like Stevie Wonder. not just like them ’cause nobody could ever do like they do, but in the same sense, nobody could ever do like i do.

PR: Who’re some of your dream collaborations?

Homeboy: Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles. Artists like The Roots, DOOM, Dilla and Q-Tip.

PR: You write articles for Gawker as well as music don’t you?, what comes easier to you, articles or song lyrics?, does it ever vary?

Homeboy: Song lyrics, the other shit I just write when i’m moved to write it, I write lyrics every day.

PR: You’re signed to Stones Throw Records, Aloe Blacc & Snoop Dogg are just some of the strong names affiliated with that label, what does it mean to you being apart of Stones Throw?

Homeboy: Peanut Butter Wolf is a visionary and i’m honoured to be a part of the legacy that he started.

PR: What comes first to you when making music, the music or the lyrics?

Homeboy: It depends, most times it’s the music though, most times, it’s all about the feel.

Huge thanks to Homeboy Sandman for his time.

You can catch Homeboy Sandman at the Doctor’s Orders 10th Anniversary celebration on Wednesday 27th May.

Homeboy Sandman will be supported on the night by fellow artists such as Terell Safadi, Billionaire B & Tom McDonald.

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