Ice Age – New Brigade review

Posted on 11 July 2011
By Matt Barden
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Denmark has given us a few quality exports over the years – mainly Hans Christian Anderson, Carlsberg and Lego. But not many would have guessed that the next big thing in punk would emerge from Nordic shores.

Ice Age are a quartet of 18-19 year olds brimming to the top of the tankard with youthful angst, exuberance and just the right amount of anarchic joy.

Their debut album New Brigade is a wave of post-punk revival and the kids masterfully give the tired genre a brand new lease on life.

Elias Rønnenfelt spits a barrage of words and sentences (in English not in Danish) and paints vague pictures and images rather than leading the listener hand in hand through the beautiful noise.

The messy lyrics and noisy guitars blend perfectly to give a well rounded and catchy debut effort.

White Rune is a punk anthem, announcing the new boys on the block, full of fast playing guitars and crashing drums.

While in Remember and You’re Blessed the band have created genuine punk moments that ooze of non conformity and the rush of playing.

The album runs at a short 23 minutes but each one is jam packed with verve and excitement that will have you smashing it through your speakers as soon as it ends.

Ice Age have delivered an album of raw, nervous music and shown that the teens can give the world music that matters (you listening Miley and The Jonas Brothers?).

New Brigade will have you jumping into people on the tube, throwing your iced latte over your head and wishing it was the early 70s all over again.

Punk is in very good hands.

New Brigade is available now