Holy Ghost – Static On The Wire review

Posted on 1 August 2010
By Martin Higgins
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Static on the Wire is the superb new EP from electronic fugitives Holy Ghost.

Holy Ghost got together in New York’s underground DJ scene and have been signed to the same progressive dance label as LCD Soundsystem for the last few years, namely DFA Records.

If this offering is anything to go by the young upstarts have the songs to carry the torch on from James Murphy and co into new and exciting directions.

The first song and title track from the EP opens with bouncing drum lines and shakers galore, building up to a bass line that would not sound out of place against an early Roxy Music/Brian Eno track.

It is a work that is small but perfectly formed offering a cool, contemporary sound with infectious rhythms throughout. No imitative generic noise on this one, just fresh wholesome tunes.

The standout track on this little gem has to be Say My Name, with its sparse instrumentation and tentative beats and lyrics it creates a moving atmosphere which still retains that danceable quality which marks out great electronic music from the heaps of shite out there.

Closing track on the album I Know I Hear is equally as captivating but engineers a more computerised sound, with Daft Punk an obvious comparison on this one.

This EP conveys cheap thrills aplenty and is full of catchy, hook laden tracks that will ensure even the most discerning of discotheque enthusiasts and cliquey hipsters will be tapping their toes and pulling Disco Stu style moves on lit-up dance floors near you.

Get your hands on a copy now, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.