Hercules and Love Affair bring Blue Songs to Liverpool review

Posted on 11 June 2011
By The Editors
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Hercules And Love Affair shone brightly with a new lineup and stepped out with two new statuesque and delightfully camp singers who were ‘Vogue-ing’ while founding member Kim Ann Foxman sang Athena to start proceedings in style.

Andy Butler brought his new sound to Liverpool on a rescheduled date after he broke his shoulder, but was on fine form for the Liverpool Music Week gig.

He introduced Hercules’ new tunes under a cloud of smoke in the shadows at the back of the stage but frequently took to the mic and told the crowd he “likes it when the lights go off. More smoke and darkness.”

New York hipster Andy Butler holds a special place in Purple Revolver’s heart for his laconic observations, such as when he said: “Damn, that’s some loud-ass music over there” at Creamfields and during this performance he came out with the classic: “There’s a lot of Elvises on the wall. Anybody notice that?”

Butler’s new material boasts a rich texture and layered sound, as though he’s found love and is sharing the vibe in musical ecstasy.

And clearly enjoying himself, he ripped his top off near the end of the set and came around to the front for a body popping dance-off with Kim Ann while the thousand Elvis faces smiled down on them from Mojo’s walls.

There was just enough time for Kim Ann to step out in front once more for an old school freestyle to prove she’s not to be messed with.

There were plenty of highlights and the new tunes got the crowd grooving, but it lacked the melancholic intensity of the original album with Anthony Hegarty, which when performed still wins over old and new fans alike.

Photos by Marie Hazlewood/Purple Revolver