Hardcore Superstar & The 69 Eyes – Nottingham Rock City Review

Posted on 28 March 2011
By Tina Bass / Lara Leon-Cullen
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With a decent sized Rock City crowd gothically dolled up to the nines, the first band to take to the stage for the Days Of Decadance Tour were glam-metallers Crash Diet. They were a fantastic opening act and successfully roused the audience ready for fellow Swedish rockers Hardcore Superstar.

There was posturing galore and the band nimbly jumped about upon the speakers creating a full-on vivacious performance. They played a large chunk of material from their latest album Split Lip along with top tracks from their previous offerings such as Dreamin’ In A Casket, Into Debauchery, and Wild Boys.

Towards the end of their set, Crash Diet joined Hardcore Superstar on stage for a hectic and intense party. Finally, they finished off with We Don’t Celebrate Sundays by pulling up a couple of audience members onto the stage for one last massive sing-along.

Unfortunately, as Hardcore Superstar left, a majority of the crowd emptied out too. By the time Finnish goth-rockers 69 Eyes graced the stage, the room was barely a quarter full.

Not sure who was to blame in this apparent scheduling error, but it Hardcore Superstar were clearly the top act of the evening.

69 Eyes were undeterred. Front-man Jyrki was dressed like a gothic Elvis and though their performance was strong with a set-list littered with hits such as Perfect Skin, Never Say Die and Lost Boys.

But it seemed somewhat lack-lustre after the exhilarant performance of Hardcore Superstar who, without a doubt should have headlined the night.

Words by Tina Bass, Photos by Lara Leon-Cullen