Grey Daze first performance in Manchester will not be one fans forget anytime soon

Posted on 17 May 2024
By Naithan Coughlan
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The Phoenix formed band crossed the pond for the first time this year on a UK and European tour, with one goal in mind. To let people know that Grey Daze are back and better than ever!

The band performed at Rebellion in Manchester city centre. A whacky neon underground venue that screamed at all who entered “Get ready for a crazy night”! 

Performing as a trio due to the absence of original bass player Mace Beyers because of personal circumstances. The band held their own without the beefy low-end tone of the bass, which was noticeably missed but did not stop the rest of Grey Daze producing a spectacular performance full of ecstatic energy and desire to rock, which kept the audiences’ eyes firmly locked on them at all times.

There was a special moment where the band asked the audience to join them in sending a video to the missed bass player with the whole crowd screaming “We Love You Mace”!! 

The set was introduced with a solo drum performance before Cristin Davis (guitarist) charged onto stage blasting the opening riff to Saturation. Followed instantly by newest member, the ever so enthusiastic frontman Cris Hodges, passionately belting out the song. 

Cris joined the band in 2021 and was received positively by fans who were all excited to see him honour the legacy of Chester Bennington. The original singer of the band and who went on to join the legendary Linkin Park. Chester passed away in 2017 while in the process of finishing a revamp album for Grey Daze. The album was finished and was dedicated to his memory. 

It is fair to say that Cris had massive shoes to fill for the bands first-time tour in the UK but for everyone in the crowd he was the complete all-star. An excellent front man with passion that burned through the entire audience. Connecting with them on a personal level showing his appreciation for us joining the band on such a special night and performing multiple songs amid the crowd. He most definitely had a hold over us that kept the night bursting with excitement. 

The band kept on performing hit after hit with the likes of: Here Nerby, Holding You, What’s In The Eye and many more. With the crowd in the palm of their hands Grey Daze kept on proving why their heavy rock music has stood the test of time and is dearly beloved by fans. 

Grey daze finished their set with an incredible encore of their top hit B12. With the pungent slap bass line replaced with an ever so equal guitar version while Cristin continued to play the original guitar riff on top, a true virtuosic player. 

Grey Daze have just two dates left on their UK tour before they are off to Europe. You can catch them in Wolverhampton and London.

For more information visit: Making Amends | Grey Daze Official (