Ghostface Killah rocked Liverpool at the Kazimier in true Iron Man style

Posted on 17 July 2014
By Andy Johnson
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Hip Hop legend Ghostface Killah rocked Liverpool with a memorising display of his lyrical prowess in a rare treat for hip hop heads in the city.

Tony Starks performed some of his newer material, but largely played to the crowd’s craving to get hyped with 93 Enter the Wu Tang classics such as So Simple mixed with some killer tracks from Iron Man.

He delighted the crowd early on with 4th Chamber from GZA’s 1995 undisputed heavy in the game classic album Liquid Swords.

Rapping in his charismatic style:
“Why is the sky blue, why is water wet?..
“Why did Judas grab the Romans while Jesus slept?”

The rhythmic rehetoric had the audience in a trance, with the crowd fully on board for this unique rap ride in such an intimate venue.

His soft almost falsetto style voice is well regarded as one of the most versatile in rap.
Ghost aka Dennis Coles also showed off his soulful side, crooning over some 70s classics like La La Means I Love You by The Delfonics.

He instructed the technicians: “Turn the lights way down low, so it feels like we’re fucking.”

Wu Tang are often referred to as the Beatles of hip hop, so it was only fitting that they broke out Hey Jude for an impromptu sing along.

The audience participation clearly got Ghost going as he then laid down the rap gauntlet by offering two members of the audience the chance to spit the Method Man and ODB verses on Protect Your Neck.

There was a long build up while two elated dudes clambered on to the stage and Iron Man instructing the audience to ‘go as wild as you can if they any good or boo the shit outta them if they suck.’

The dauntless home town heroes rocked the mic with aplomb, winning hugs from Ghost and his crew while the Kazimier exploded with love.

This was followed by a big Ol Dirty tribute which again had the crowd rapping and singing along. Ghost kept pushing the curfew and got some ladies out the crowd to booty shake.

A special shout out should go to his support man Sheek Louch, who started wrapping up the gig in supreme style with a Biggie tribute. He rapped Last Day from Life After Death, which featured his Brooklyn group The LOX.

The crowd left happy, with Liverpool wondering when the next Wu Member will roll through to bring the ruckas.