Fly With Vampires – St George’s Hall, Liverpool Sound City review

Posted on 22 May 2011
By Richard Lewis
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Thundering to the relentless drive of their rhythm section, Fly with Vampires race through their half hour set in what feels like a quarter of the time.

First spotted at last year’s Sound City, the last year has seen the four piece hone their set to the point where it flies from of the speakers with unstoppable force.

Waves, begins with a taut drum tattoo morphs into a stadium-rattling chorus with lead singer Phil’s bellowing conviction ably matched by guitarist Kieran and bassist Graham’s airtight harmonies.

Drummer Paul’s impeccably well-drilled drumbeats ricochet off the surrounding finery, restlessly propelling the band forwards.

Not Wasted on the Young proves to be one several highlights, the blazing guitars of Neil Young meets the harmonies of The Band, reconfigured into something of the ‘Vamps’ own.

The frontline step back from the microphones to deliver the closing harmonized vocal lines almost a capella, the miniaturized Albert Hall esque surroundings affording excellent sound.

Ping-ponging wildly around the stage as the closing stretch approaches, the group become more animated the longer they remain out front.

Departing to massive applause from the swelling crowd, Fly with Vampires’ ascent has seemingly just gone stratospheric.

Photos by Marie Hazlewood