Every Muse album ranked

Posted on 19 November 2017
By Carlton Whitfield
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If you’re an alternative rock fan, there’s no way in the entire world Muse is not among the bands you’re listening too. Formed in the UK around 1994, the band approaches a lot of different genres and styles including progressive, hard, and space rock.

This leads to quite a diversity when it comes to the albums they released over the years. And if you’re interested in a ranking of their work so far, keep reading this article.

But before jumping into ranking and classifications, perhaps it’s better to start with an overview of their discography in order to have a general idea about the volume and consistency of their work. Their first studio album was released on the 7th of September in 1999 and it is called Showbiz, followed by Origin of Symmetry in 2001, Absolution in 2003, Black Holes and Revelations in 2006, The Resistance in 2009, The Second Law in 2012 and, finally, Drones in 2015.

7th Place – Showbiz

Having a clear Radiohead influence, part of the reason they were at first considered just a copy-band, Muse did ok for their first album, however, the orchestration is quite poor, the lyrics are quite basic, and there’s no real continuity between the songs. That makes it perfect to be used as background music for a baccarat free game.

6th Place – Absolution

This is a clear example of a good album that went very bad in production. No matter if you’re a Muse fan or not, it’s a known fact that the mixing of this album is way below standards. With amazing songs and heavy lyrics on religion and relationships, it could really make a great album but for the quality of the production.

5th Place – The Resistance

An album that manages two things at once. First, it takes you back to the roots of Muse by the use of organs and pianos and it also continues the experimentation mode the band started to show in that period. George Orwell’s 1984 is the main source of inspiration for the lyrics.

4th Place – Origin of Symmetry

Even though this is their second album, it is considered by most of the fans to be the best piece of work to come from the English band. But at a closer look, you can notice that the lyrics are quite vague and even though the songs seem to be consistent regarding quality, there’s something missing.

3rd Place – Drones

This album is basically The Resistance with a more developed story and many think of it as the first rock opera. With the main focus on mass-media and how it is used to control people, the lyrics are deep and insightful, the negatives are profound, and it makes a great composition.

2nd Place – The 2nd Law

A streamlined album that was integrated perfectly with the moment the band was going through, the 2nd Law is a great continuation of The Resistance. With a flawless production and the powerful lyrics that bring out the best in the lead singer’s voice, it’s definitely worth the second spot.

1st Place – Black Holes and Revelations

Just before this jewel came out, everyone considered Muse to be a copy of Radiohead. Well, they proved everyone wrong with this masterpiece. They showed everyone that the resemblance to Radiohead was pure coincidence and that they are very capable of a style of their own that can conquer the heart of every music lover out there.