Esco Williams performs live at East Village Arts Club – Review

Posted on 28 January 2014
By James McAllister
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Esco Williams made his returning performance a special night for his hometown fans on the weekend.

The MOBO Unsung Award winning rapper showcased the best in Liverpool’s musical talent at the East Village Arts Club before taking to the stage to give a dominant performance with the confidence and swagger reminiscent of Pharrell Williams.

The intimate venue played to the rappers strengths, allowing Esco to connect with his fans by reacquainting them with some of his early hits like New Challenger.

After the audience were suitably hyped, the rapper laid down some new material, moving away from the gamer boy next door and into more heartfelt territory.

This gradual change in sound gave the hour long set so many levels. From his frantic beats early on to his new heartfelt soul tracks the rapper was out to prove he could master it all.

His new sound also gives the artist amply opportunity to show off his amazing vocals as he streams through his range with effortless ease.

A live performance by this Liverpool rapper could not come more highly recommended and with new material being released with tenacious determination, this year this rising star is set to go meteoric.

Make sure you check out Esco’s new track Breaking Bones on Soundcloud.