Emilie Autumn – live review and pictures

Posted on 27 March 2012
By Lara Cullen
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With Alice In Wonderland styled Tea Parties, asylum based theatrics, burlesque glamour and the constant juxtapositions of serenity and destruction infusing all that went into the show, the uber-talented Miss Emilie Autumn put on an incredible spectacle in Nottingham.

For those who don’t yet know her, Emilie Autumn is a singer, performer, violinist, writer, musician and entertainer. She draws on her troubled past of mental illness, suicidal attempts and her experience of enforced institutionalisation in a lunatic asylum to create a world of tormented twisted beauty and mystery through her music and performance.

Arriving on stage almost 40 minutes late due to an injury she sustained early in the day, by the time she emerged she was greeted with a sea of rapturous emotion from her unbelievably adoring fans.

Some early tracks such as Thank God I’m Pretty and Liar still feature in the set list but she confidently intersperses tracks from her forthcoming Fight Like a Girl album, which hasn’t been officially released but the fans already know it and love it. The title track in particular received an overwhelming response.

Over almost two hours we were treated to an audio-visual assault on our senses and our minds. An Evening With Emilie Autumn is not just another gig. It’s a performance, theatre, designed to provoke as well as entertain. It’s refreshing too to see such a unique artist in a time when so many new acts are merely well disguised tribute acts for others before them.

Emilie Autumn stands out and lasts in the memory long after she and her crumpets have left town. Emilie is playing London and Manchester on 13th and 14th April respectively.