DVD Review: Suicidal Tendencies Live At The Olympic Auditorium

Posted on 28 March 2010
By Amy Roberts
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Some time ago, thrash became fashionable. Fuck knows how it happened, but within a very short space of time the style choices that were once reserved for the school punch bag got big time hijacked by bloody hipsters the Western hemisphere over. Cut off denim waist coats, acid wash, stone wash, high tops, and the obligatory rough looking thrash tee became the brand new sartorial staple for the ironically inclined.

But no piece of thrash apparel compared to the success of the Suicidal upturned -peak cap. No sir. As a result it feels long overdue that Suicidal Tendencies should finally bring out a live DVD – so pay attention, posers, this way you might earn the right to wear that fucking hat without looking like a complete and utter tool.

Suicidal Tendencies Live At The Olympic Auditorium then, is a total thrash lovers wet dream.

Filmed at the now defunct Olympic Auditorium in LA, the gig was set up as a fitting farewell performance for the venue and Suicidal do it in their trademark, heart brazenly raucous style.

So yeah, they might not be the young over-energized pups they were during their heyday, but as a lovable nostalgia piece for major, hardcore fans, the DVD is testimony of everything that has not only earned them legendary thrash status, but also cult status amongst young skaters and shred enthusiasts alike looking for a voice to express the everyday alienation put upon them by the nefarious, pig-ignorant culture within which we’re all still forced to live.

The 80 minute running time includes impassioned and delightfully aggressive performances of such classics as Possessed To Skate, I Saw Your Mommy, War Inside My Head, Show Some Love…Tear It Down and of course, Institutionalized.

The crowd take a while to warm up, but like most amazing punk rock shows by the time they get their bearings, the stage gets invaded, fist pumping bodies get flung about the crowd and by the final song, an organized melee of musically loved up, revved up young fervent souls tear the stage and each other to near shreds – which for those of you unfamiliar with punk customs, is the gig equivalent of a mass delivered high five.

Also included is an interview with Suicidal frontman Mike Muir, in which he discusses the band developing themselves in the beginning with no commercial or grand aspirations except for the desire to play music, throwing end of the month rent parties, and the oxymorons of modern punk rock bands striving to be mainstream rock stars.

Live At The Olympic Auditorium is released 29th March via Suicidal Records, and we highly recommend that you gather your dearest, loudest, thrash hungry mates together, do a dozen or so beers and recreate the awesomeness of a Suicidal Tendencies live show in the comfort of your own living room.

You may not be able to piss off the bastards who used you as the school punch bag way back when, but if you crank up the volume on this bad boy – and we suggest that you do – you’ll still be able to piss off that Daily Mail reading shrew of a neighbour next door. And I think we all know that that’s worth a mass high five in itself.

Official site: http://www.suicidaltendencies.com

Buy Live At The Olympic Auditorium here: http://bit.ly/cqTZgq