DVD review: Nirvana – Live At Reading 1992

Posted on 15 November 2009
By Amy Roberts
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Aah, Kurt Cobain – the fuck-crumpet of choice for the self-harming, perma-inebriated, 90’s nostalgic woman. The sheer mental image of his unwashed, track-marked, brooding-blue-eyed screeching self is all the cerebral pornography emotionally disenchanted, tortured types need to envisage in order to make flopping into bed with a less than favorable new lover somewhat bearable.

Now we have Nirvana: Live At Reading 1992! A double disc set of live CD and DVD no less! We may never need to put our best pair of knickers on and leave the house ever again.

It has all the big-hitters you’d want – Drain You, Sliver, Aneurysm, Breed, Negative Creep, and the now nearly unbearable Smells Like Teen Spirit, replete with a cheeky More Than A Feeling intro – for those of you unaware of your Nirvana trivia, Kurt Cobain reportedly ripped off the Boston riff for the song.

Boy, does it bring back some memories. Not particular memories from August 30, 1992 when this particular set was filmed – I was 6 and thought Nirvana were ‘gross’ – but you know, the scalding, unbearable teenage years. Beautiful.

I suppose this sweet little package will be even better for those of you lucky enough to have been there when it was recorded. But as one of my difficult to please mates attested ‘I was there when Nirvana played. It didn’t seem like such a big deal at the time.’ Christ.

For those who weren’t there, this is a sumptuous slice of nostalgia and should serve as a massive kick up the arse of a lot of bands who still have no idea how to play a fucking show. Watch and learn, my good friends.

So stay out of your shower for a good week, get your ripped jeans and plaid shirt back out and the filthiest most battered pair of Converse you own, skulk behind a mop of hair and get involved – this little treat of a show is highly, highly recommended.