Daryl Waller & Stephen O’Callaghan ‘Father Iceberg’ Review

Posted on 6 March 2012
By Samantha Maine
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Flawedcore is a record label of Daryl Waller and ‘Father Iceberg’ is it’s very first debut. Recruiting Stephen O’Callaghan of band Countryside, the two of them set to work on this entirely analogue process.

First and foremost, the packaging is absolutely stunning. An electric blue cassette tape, accompanied with a lyric book complete with illustrations plus an associated story sealed with wax. Did someone say iTunes?

It’s amazing to see someone take so much pride in the presentation of their art and Daryl certainly hasn’t done things by halves.

It’s almost upsetting to open it all up but once you do, you’re welcomed into a completely different world.

Recording almost everything on a 4-track, the songs are jerky, raw and straight out of an American teenager’s wacky-backy basement. It’s not entirely psychedelic but it’s so deliciously lo-fi and full of imperfections (which is a GOOD thing by the way.)

Side A gives us a rather melancholic offering, with ‘If I were dead’ crooning bitter-sweet lyrics, rustling winds and droning, simplistic guitar.

Things pick up with ‘Shoad’ – its humming background making the tape ever more personal.

‘Varroa Destructor II’ hints at early Elliott Smith whilst oozing the creative mind of predecessors such as the immaculate Daniel Johnston.

Each song is broken up with exquisite noises of howling dogs, rusty button pressing, sirens and unashamed burping; it’s awesome.

Side B acts as response to the songs of Side A, with a repeat of ‘If I were dead’ (only a different vocalist) and ‘Varroa Destructor I’ making up the rest of the story.

‘Join the Gym’ is an absolute highlight, as it’s lyrics comment on the world around us so honestly and abruptly.

It’s very Moldy Peaches but less annoying – not so obvious and not so needy. This is pure music making at its most organic.

What ‘Father Iceberg’ manages to create is a whole other world; a place where these stories actually happen. The songs only invite you to get lost in the chaos.

It’s obvious that this was a creation built so passionately that you can’t quite help but fall in love with it yourself.

For more info and to purchase the tape, head to www.flawedcore.com