dan le sac Vs. Scroobius Pip Bristol O2 Academy review

Posted on 19 October 2010
By Emma Brunt and Jade Newman
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Commonly used to describe a group of geese, Gaggle will now be part of music lingo to describe a soaring alt choir. The all girl group had the entire venue mesmerised.

Breaking out four and five part harmonies, acapellas, and beat boxing, the choir sang along to an exquisitely mixed backing track of blips, booms and beats.

Outrageously dressed and guided by a conductor, Gaggle sang through their tracks with the vocal perfection of a West End cast and a stage performance to match. They were visually mesmerising, orally pleasing and will be sure to have you telling all your mates about them.

dan le sac and Scroobious Pip had their names in flashing lights atop the speaker stands. Scroobious Pip made himself comfortable on a leather armchair similar to one you’d find at your Gran’s house.

Armed with his suitcase of visual aids, Scroob pulled out letters, spectacles and hats to go along with each track. As the heavily bearded vocalist majestically glided through verses new and old, dan le sac had the whole room dancing with breaks and melodies from his laptop, trigger pads and samplers.

Playing chest pounding drum lines using drumsticks on electronic drum pads, dan le sac looked like he was enjoying himself as much as the crowd.

There weren’t many people standing still during the performance and the whole venue erupted when the dynamic duo played Fixed, that reworks chorus lyrics from Dizzee Rascal’s Fix Up Look Sharp to Hip Hop Is Art.

It was great to see the duo play through tracks off both studio albums, giving fans new and old a delightful performance that would have left them wanting to dance the night away.

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