Crystal Fighters host rave in a cave

Posted on 8 October 2013
By Craig Kell
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British indie band Crystal Fighters performed an audacious gig in the isolated caves of San Sebastian in Northern Spain as part of their new album Cave Rave.

Singing trio Gilbert Vierich, Graham Dickson and Sebastian Pringle were accompanied on their tour by the team of the music website You Need to Hear This as they became the focus of a short documentary tracing the group’s preparations for the gig and their eventual performance.

The seven minute video begins with the band members discussing the gig during their stay in the sunny climate of San Sebastian.

During the build-up to the big event, they travel around the country and learn about the Basque instruments – an influential part of their later performance.

When the event takes place later on in the Zugarramurdi cave, the group collaborate with fellow musicians and perform their song Xtatic Truth in front of a strong crowd of fans with the Basque instruments being used impeccably during their act.

The short film is pretty straightforward as far as covering music gigs goes as director Niall Kenny and editor Matt Kitchin work well in capturing the band’s mood and what they want to prove with their music.

At one point, we see the trio look on in awe as the veteran Spanish musicians perform wildly with the cultural instruments, giving them the extra motivation they need to make their own gig a big success.

Setting the act in a naturally-stunning cave makes the rave a real treat for those fortunate enough to experience it live as one of Britain’s up-and-coming indie bands show their dedication for cultural music in such an unlikely place.